About us

The gait Trainer “EIK” is created in the joint stock company “Vildoma”, which is considered to be one of the leading laboratory equipment experts in Lithuania. The company is engaged in supply and service of measurement instruments and monitoring equipment since 1996.

In 2010 UAB Vildoma established a team engaged in creating and development of the rehabilitation equipment. This new brand of activity is aimed at expanding the social responsibility to the community needs. The unique gait trainer EIK was created in close cooperation with the scientists and medical professionals, and the inventment was patented. The engineer – constructor of the gait trainer EIK is Valerijus Denisov, and he also involved his collegues – scientists into the development process, who have a lot of professional experience working in different research laboratories.

In 2018 the new gait trainer “EIK” was created and registered in the State Health Care Accreditation Agency as class I medical device.