Gait trainer

Gait trainer EIK is a body balance maintenance system with leg control (gait training) mechanism that is intended for support and movement therapy used in medical rehabilitation and physical training of the disabled.

Gait trainer EIK is intended for people with static and dynamic balance and movement disorders, after injuries, surgeries, strokes or other health disorders. The construction of the equipment is adjusted to start safe rehabilitation in the very early stage of the treatment.

Gait trainer EIK easily adjusts physical capabilities of the patient and helps him in self-motion.

The leg control mechanism is designed according to the biomechanical principles of human gait and allows to perform correct walking movements.

The equipment has been developed in close cooperation with scientists from the medical, body training, sports and textile fields, as well as considering the remarks of people who used the trainer.



  • Enables to lift the patient in vertical position without much physical effort
  • Ensures safe and comfortable long term verticale position
  • Ensures safe training of the balance maintenance skills
  • Ensures safe performance of traditional rehabilitation excercises
  • The leg loading is easily adjustable considering the physical condition of the patient
  • Flexible waist and hip movement in all directions
  • Allows to perform correct walking movements with the aid of leg control mechanism;
  • Allows transforming the equipment from the effective rehabilitation equipment to sport trainer for people with disorders.


Frequently asked questions

How and where can I test drive the gait trainer EIK?

It is possible to test drive the equipment at Baltupio str. 37, Vilnius, Lithuania. The time and date of arrival must be arranged by calling the number +370 686 54738 in advance.

Is an accompanying person required?


Is special training for operation of the gait trainer required?

It is inportant to follow the Operation Instruction. Manufacturer provides the consulting and initial training.

How to execute the gait training, when the equipment is placed in a small room?

In that case the equipment could be placed on a treadmill.

Is the electrical power source required?



User manual

Gait trainer EIK user manual in pdf – 1.4 MB